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Sizzle page

more Sizzle pages...coming up.

Sizzle issue #73

random Sketchbook stuff with Brandy Bussard

Dr Jumper page coming soon in the Carnigor.

Spore Whores- Pin up for Bloody Gore Comix

its a fucking Phallusurus!!

Doctor Jumper costume

New Carnigor page with Brand Jumper!

Brandy Bussard as Dr Jumper.

Brandy Bussard Sketch

Sizzle Magazine cover

Brandy Bussard

Carnigor #2 Preview COLOR!

Deanna sketchbook crap.

Deanna page....

from Heavy Metal # 271


Cattle Cult Kill Kill

Heavy Metal # 277...New Black Death story

Part of a short story I did for Heavy Metal Magazine...#271.

Deanna in the Carnigor

Carnage of the Black Death

Deanna pages

Page 3...

Carla and Deanna

Carnigor #1 cover

Zombie Stuff

sci Fi silliness

Black Death story for Heavy Metal


Black Death